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Welcome to the NYC ENT blog! I am a Senior Associate at Solidea and we’ve been working toward this launch day since November. I remember the first day we came up with the idea for NYC ENT. We were meeting with Connectors Group in our downtown offices back in September and we both had the idea to have a business plan competition and training workshops to help emerging companies. These startups are always trying to get on our calendars, but with only limited resources there are only so many we could help. What resulted was New York City Entrepreneur Week, aka- NYC ENT, a week of panels, discussions and competition, dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds in New York, and connecting them to help each other.


When you think about NYC businesses, it’s easy to focus on the giants, and forget about the smaller companies that really drive the energy and pulse of this City. There’s always innovation going on. Heck, how could there not be, given that the Mayor is an entrepreneur himself!  The events of the past 6 months have only strengthened my belief that it is the entrepreneur community that can get New York’s economy back on its feet. That’s why I am really excited about our event and I think our timing couldn’t be better.


I’ve been consulting for startup companies for almost 2 years now and I am constantly reminded of why I enjoy this job. Helping companies launch gives my job a true purpose and I particularly enjoy working with the entrepreneurs themselves; I love how their energy and excitement can be contagious. While we’re just a part of the larger community working to help startups, I agree with NYCSeed that NYC is highly under-leveraged and every little bit helps.


Take a look at our press release and let me know your thoughts. Let the countdown to NYC ENT begin!


Thanks! - Nicole

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