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Congratulations to the Winner of NYCENT

 Congratulations to TrialX for winning top honors at NYCENT!.

From their website:

"TrialX is a Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) startup based in New York. We are developing disruptive technologies to help patients find and learn about clinical trials that match their health conditions and connect with the trial investigators effortlessly. Our goal is to make TrialX a consumer-centric, easy-to-use and trustworthy platform to bring patients and investigators together and in the process, speed up the development of life-saving treatments."

While the decision was tough, since there were so many great competitors, what we loved about TrialX was:

  • A clearly articulated business propostion. that was explained in one sentence.
  • The ability to solve a industry pain point by lowering costs.
  • The use of technology to simplify a messy market which directly led to the lowering of costs.
  • A subscription based revenue model
  • A clear differention from existing solutions. 
  • A defensible technology based on alogorithms (these algorithms power their matching engine)
  • A reasonably sized addressable market.
  • Market traction - People are currently using their product
  • An excellent repertoire of industry contacts and strategic partners
  • An experienced management team.

 We look forward to working with TrialX in the comming days.

 -Jeevan Padiyar


Congratulations to our 7 Finalists

We are proud to announce the 7 finalist that will move forward in the NYC ENT Business Plan Competition (listed below in random order):
  • Catchafire
  • MicroGen Systems, LLC
  • Dream Village
  • Trial X
  • Pogby Inc.
  • Oyster Digital Media
  • Rentricity

In the event that any of the above participants cannot attend, 1 alternate has been selected:

  • IndieGogo

Thank you again to all our our Semi-Finalist for their hard-work! We look forward to presentations from our Finalists on Friday.

We wish the very best of luck to you all!

--JCA Justin


Updated Venue Details

Hi All!

NYC ENT week is 1 day away, and the response has been fantastic! We are definitely expecting a wonderfull week of events. For the latest up-to-date venue details, be sure to visit the venue details page.

Be sure to arrive early as these events will fill quickly!

--JCA Justin


Congratulations to our Semi Finalists!

Being our inaugural year, we really didn’t have an idea of what we would be receiving in terms of business plan submissions. How good will they be? Are there easy to spot winners? Did we tell enough people about the event?! (this question is no longer on our minds as so many of our events are SOLD OUT! But don’t worry there are still some spots left, check out our Event Details page to find out which ones)


After a looong process of reviewing business plans and endlessly debating with the review committee, I can tell you this: paring the submissions down to only 21 entrants has been the hardest part of planning our event. No, it wasn’t the night I only got 3 hours of sleep working on the web site launch. And I’m sure our longest and busiest day next week still won’t compare to the selection process. We received well written plans, innovative ideas that made us think, “I want to hear more”. And we will! I’m really excited to hear the pitches next week, I’m only sad that we were limited to so few of the submissions. So.... As you’ve all been waiting.... The Semi Finalists are:


800 PBX



Dream Village

HealthWorldWeb LLC




MicroGen Systems, LLC


Oyster Digital Media

People Capital

Pogby, Inc

Pure Origin, LLC

Rentricity Inc.

StyleHop Corp.

TrialX (Applied Informatics, Inc.)





Thanks for reading our blog, see you all next week!


- Nicole Ru


Entry Period for Business Plan Competition Now Closed

Thank you to all of those that have submitted entries for the NYC ENT Week Business Plan Competition. We have received an overwhelming number of highly merited entries that support the excitement and anticipation for this year's competition.

Now the tough part begins as we narrow down the competition to our 21 semi-finalists that will be announced Wednesday, April 15.

Stay tuned! & Good luck to all entrants!

--JCA Justin