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NYC ENT Winner Update: Trial X

Check out the latest update from our friends at Trial X:

We totally underestimated the depth of NYCENT, especially given the fact that it was the inaugural event. To be honest, all of my partners and I were traveling that week to different parts of the country and we only decided to participate on the deadline date, when my schedule changed and allowed me to stay in the city. At the end of a gruelling week, we were adjudged the winner. They say, "Life always works itself out, it always does" And I, am of them.

I must congratulate Solidea and the Connectors Group for organizing a great event, one that is conspicuously missing for entrepreneurs in New York City. No wonder they had over 2500 attendees in the first year. It is an amazing event and I encourage all entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepenreurs, angels investors etc. to be a part of it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of incredible startups that I met during NYCENT. Since then, we have kept in touch and have been very useful resources for each other’s companies. That, in my view is the real value proposition that NYCENT brings to New York. The Connectors Group and Solidea did a wonderful job in meticulously selecting judges who asked very tough questions and offered critical feedback, which helped TrialX define the business model better. Needless to say, NYCENT was a tremendous opportunity to network with seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, government officials and others. It also focused on numerous aspects of creating and building a company, many of which we tend to overlook in our day‐to‐day lives, but are crucial to the growth and development of a startup. I particularly enjoyed the PR session with BITE and and the Legal panel with Fulbright and Jaworski.

My partners and I are very grateful to Solidea and the Connectors Group for getting together a wonderful event that we hope will facilitate New York becoming a hub for entrepreneurship. On a personal level, it was a gratifying experience meeting and competing with so many bright entrepreneurs. It’s been a privilege.

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