Solidea and Connectors Group, with support from NYU, Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP, and Bite Communications, are pleased to host NYC ENT '09, a week long forum on entrepreneurship.

NYC ENT '09 will match budding entrepreneurs with experienced startup mentors, angel investors, and venture capitalists to provide insight into growing a business from concept to profitability. More than just case studies, each session will arm companies with actionable advice they can use immediately to improve their likelihood of equity financing, grow their brand awareness, and leverage existing NYC resources to reach more customers.

At the center of this week's events is a 21-company business plan competition in which startups will leverage the lessons learned during the week to win funding and pro bono strategic guidance from a wide range of NYC service providers who will help take their company to the next level.

The goal:

NYC ENT '09 brings together a previously fragmented environment of New York based entrepreneurial groups, service providers, financiers, and technology and business experts in order to:

  • Spur economic activity and create jobs
  • Build awareness of New York City’s promising early-stage community
  • Discuss the many assets of NYC as a hub of entrepreneurial activity
  • Create a platform where entrepreneurs, capital providers, service providers and small businesses can engage in a free flow exchange of ideas
  • Provide educational workshops to help entrepreneurs build stronger organizations
  • Connect emerging companies with capital

Integral to each day will be interactive discussions, break-outs, and peer networking. Live blogging, video casts, and Twitter feeds will extend the discussion at NYC ENT '09 to an even broader audience worldwide.

Why should you come?

  • Learn from your peers, ask questions, and share what you know
  • Connect with entrepreneurial leaders and influencers from the NYC entrepreneurial marketplace
  • Discuss tomorrow's emerging trends and big ideas
  • Rethink the challenges and opportunities for your business

Who Will Attend

Founders of startups, budding entrepreneurs, CEOs, CMOs, emerging technology and early stage investors, service organizations, and venture capitalists.